Score does not appear in result slide

Hi community,

I am designing  a quiz for an eLearning module with Storyline 2.

The issue I have is: the result slide only shows whether the user passed the quiz but the score/passing score remain blank as per attached screenshots.

I read many discussions with similar issues and I tried to apply the suggestions in those posts but the issue is still there. I also deleted and re-inserted a new result slide but the issue persists. 

 There are no other result slides in the project, so I do not understand why Articulate cannot get the score from the questions I selected!

I attached a Word files with screenshots to illustrate the problem. Hope you can help!

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Hi Leslie,

Please find attached file as requested. As I could not send the original file I copied the quiz only into a new file. Also, I noticed the result slide now shows the first line (percentage score, points achieved), but still no info in the second line: passing score.

Hope you can help.

Kind regards,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Arianna,

Thanks for sharing your story file here. I saw the same thing when first taking a look at it, but adding in a new results slide allowed the text and information to appear. I've attached a copy of that version here for you. You mentioned that you also tried this - but I did want to confirm that you're also working on files as described here. 


Hi Ashley,

Many thanks for your help. In answer to your question I can confirm I always name files with short names and I save them locally. The hospital I work in gives staff a personal 'U' drive (on the hospital's server), which is the equivalent of saving on the computer's drive.

I copied the file you posted above and pasted it into my course. It all works, which is great!

Many thanks again,



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Arianna,

Thanks for the follow up. You mentioned it's a personal drive, but connected to the hospital's server? If it's backing up to a server that may be the issue associated with erratic behavior due to latency. Can you look at downloading to your desktop first to open and work on the file, and then once you've saved and closed place it within your U drive? 

Glad the updated results slide worked - and I just added in a new copy of the results slide. So again that would lead me to believe there may be something happening on the .story file while on your U drive.