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First I apologize if this is somewhere else on the forum, but the search function isn't working for me at all.

I have 4 result slides, one for each section of a course. Users must pass each section/quiz. The fifth result slide is a calculated result for those four results slides, and this fifth result slide is what is used to track during publishing. Reporting is set to report status to LMS as Complete/Incomplete.

Each section requires 80% to pass. Even if users score over 80, the course still shows as incomplete in the LMS. Therefore, it appears to pass the correct score (92 in the one example), but the status doesn't change. This happened during test when the course wasn't completed, but the user exited. When the user resumed and completed successfully, the new score passed, but the completion status didn't change. If the course was completed in one sitting, it passed the completion value.

The fifth results slide that passes the score has a button on it to Exit Course, with the trigger to Exit Course when the user clicks. Users do not see this fifth results slide until they pass all 4 sections.

I don't seem to have the option to show the user's final score on the fifth result slide. Is this normal, or can this be done? Is there a variable where this final calculated score is captured?

Also, is there something I'm missing in terms of getting the course to show as complete in the LMS?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rosanne,

I wanted to point you to this blog post about troubleshooting within the LMS, and specifically the end portion about testing it within SCORM Cloud (which is a free industry standard testing method) to see if you're able to replicate the scoring issue there. If you're able to replicate the issue there, will you share the .story file with our Support team so that they can test it as well? 

This screenr by Mike Enders should also help you ensure that you can display the total score on the last Results slide.