Score Not Showing in LMS

Nov 01, 2012

Good Afternoon!

I uploaded a test I built in Articulate to our corporate LMS (Geo Learning by SumTotal System).  

When I close the test,  the LMS shows that is completed, but does NOT show the score.   The score shows as a zero.

Is there a way to get the score to show on the LMS?  I've looked at the LMS setting under Publish and do not see that option, but I am relatively new user.

Thanks so much!

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Joan Thorn


I just finished my first articulate storyline presentation.  We will be adding testing when we upload it to our LMS (BVS).  I was told that I need to send the scorm with score and tracking so that we can track our employees scores.  I see that you said to include a quiz result slide option.  Will that send the score to our LMS?

I hope you understand what I am asking, but I am so new to this, I am not sure of the question, let alone the answer.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joan,

Peter has taken another position within Articulate, so he doesn't get into the forums as often. 

The quiz results slide will be the mechanism by which you'll report the completed status to your LMS, and the types of data that will be sent to your LMS are detailed here. 

You'll also want to make sure that you use the publish to LMS option. 

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