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Jul 30, 2013

Hi there

I've got a Time Management Questionnaire that was designed in Storyline. It essentially gives you a score out of 150. However this is not being tracked in the LMS. OUr LMS provider is trying to help but as they have their own authoring tool they are not so familiar with Storyline. I received this response after sending them the file to have a look at:

We have taken a quick look at your Time Management Storyline module and we do not see a score being sent back to the Knowledge Centre. In short, the reason no score is being displayed on the KC is because none is being sent.

We have also tested the module on the SCORM Cloud ( - This is a free testing area specifically for the purpose of testing SCORM content. Here too, no score is sent.

Whilst we cannot support Articulate Storyline, we have taken a brief look at the Story file and we suspect that you may need to set the core results variable (Results.ScorePercent) to be whatever TMScore has been set to. This is most likely what is being passed back to the LMS (which will currently be empty).

However, SCORM states that the score (when passed back to the LMS) must be a value between 0-100 however your module is currently scoring from 0 to 150. You may need to convert this to a percentage ((TMScore/150)*100) to comply with SCORM.

This absolute double dutch to me. I didn't put the moduel together and am not proficient at all with variables or results slides. The person who created this is no longer with the company so I'm now stuck. In need of some help!


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