score not updating in moodle LMS

i create a course with multiple assessments and when i placed in moodle LMS. 1st visit score is appearing after the 2nd visit the score is not updating and the last visit page also not working. If i go any number of times it's going 1 time last visited page only.

Please resolve this prolem.

I published the course in Passed/Incomplete

and i checked with Complete/Incomplete

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Dan Marsden

SCORM grading is confusing - a re-entry does not necessarily create a new attempt or generate a new score.

First make sure the learner is actually creating a new attempt each time - and not just re-entering the same initial attempt.

Then make sure you have the grading settings in Moodle set the way you want. A good way to see how grades are generated is by using the "display attempt status" option in Moodle - it displays information about all a users attempts and how the grade is calculated for that user.

You should also read this:

kalyan s

Still my problerm is not resolved.

I'm explaning very detailed please give the solutions.

I have created a course with 7 lessons. For each lesson there will be assessment. But i need to get the Score (Pass/Failed) after completion the 7th lesson only.

What i did is: After creating the assessments i created a Result page in that I have selected all those Assessments. Passing Score 80%

After publishing with LMS: Passed/Incomplete or Complete/Incomplete.

I have uploaded in moodle. Score is passing after visiting the 1st lesson, after that score is not updating at the same time last visit page also not working what ever the fist visit. it's going there only.

Dan Marsden

If I'm understanding you correctly - you have 7 lessons/learning objects in a single SCORM package

each lesson has a quiz that returns a grade

You don't want any of the first 6 lessons to return this grade to the LMS/Moodle

you want the final lesson to return a grade based on the other 6 objects.

Unfortunately Moodle can't manage this for you - you will need to modify the settings in Articulate or change the way you are packaging the SCORM to make this happen. (someone else here may be able to give guidance on this)

One possible solution in Moodle which I don't think meets your needs as described but may help is to use the grading method "Learning objects" - it looks for a passed or complete value on each learning object/lesson and builds a grade based on that.

Hopefully someone else here may be able to give guidance on how to develop a SCORM package with multiple quizzes/objects and generate the end result you are looking for.