Score Results on LMS for Test Mode?????

Disregard.  I figured it out. 

Hello.  I have designed an SL course that includes 5 modules.  Each Module contains text with instructions, a "View" interaction and then a "Test Mode" interaction from my screen recording. 

This is the first time I have designed a course that will need a grade to show in LMS that is graded solely on the user's demonstration in the test mode.  (There are no quiz items.)

My results in my LMS (Moodle) report show whether the user passed or failed, but the score shows up as 0%.

It does not appear to be a settings issue in Moodle.

I was wondering how to create an actual percentage score if my only assessment is a screen recording test mode.

I can send the file if this is not enough information. 

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Ioanna Papanikolaou

To be more accurate, the score remains at 0% when I am testing the module and 100% when I arrive at the last page (results page).

What we want is to have an intermediate score (the score that is beeing displayed) on the results page.

Hope this message is clear enough and may help you give me a solution :)