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Need some help please.  I have a self assessment portion with 15-20 questions.  The learner has to achieve 70% to pass.  Is there a way to indicate on each question slide how many questions have been answered correctly/incorrectly so that he can stop and review the material before completing the whole assessment and then discover that he failed.

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Christophe Jacobs

Hello Shawn,

I include a test in attachment that you can check.

1. Check if you have a result slide

Make sure that you have a result slide in your project. This result side creates for you (automatically) 4 different variables (see image). We will use one of these variables in our solution.

2. Good answer = 1 point

Change the points awarded for a good answer from the default 10 to 1. You do this in the form view of a question in the pane where you can enter the feedback and branching. Since in this solution we track the number of slides answered correctly  via the points, it makes sense to the end user that 1 points = a good answer.

3. Notify the user

Add a text box on your slide that contains the following text:

You currently have %Results.ScorePoints% out of 5 questions correct!

What is listed between "%" is actually showing the value of the automatically created and updated variable "Results.ScorePoints". If you test your project you should see the value being updated everytime you answered correct.

Note: You don't have to type in the reference to the variable. You can also include it by making sure your cursor is on the text box, go to INSERT and select REFERENCE (icon next to the text box icon).

For a working version of this, see attachment.

Kind regards,