Score variable for retrying quiz ?

Is there a way to adjust a user's quiz score when they retry the quiz OR a way track how many attempts a user makes on a quiz before obtaining a passing score.  I want the number of attempts to be unlimited, but need to see if anyone is struggling with the material presented as noted in the number of attempts it takes to pass the quiz.   I thought if I could adjust the user's quiz score by 1 point for every attempt made; however, I am having difficultly finding a variable method that does this.  When I publish to articulate online, it doesn't outline previous attempts or how many attempts a user makes- it only outlines the score of the last attempt made.

I am utilizing articulate storyline 2. Thanks!

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Nicola Fern

Hi Loran

I've not done this, but thinking off the top of my head I would start by creating a variable called something like FailedQuizAttempts and then adding a trigger to increment it by 1 each  time the fail layer is displayed on the result slide.

This would give you the correct number in a variable - not sure how you would want to use it next though?


Loran Crowden

Hi Nicola - Thank you for answering!  This is about as far as I got too - I am able to create a variable to count the number of attempts made; however, I am not sure how to get the reporting number on this for each participant.   That's why I thought maybe a variable to adjust the actual score because the score is what is reported to articulate online; however, I cannot find a variable method that allows me to convert number of attempts to a value and then subtract that value from from their quiz points.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Loran,

That variable value isn't reported to a  Learning Management System (LMS) unless you're reporting it as a part of a question/answer. 

Most LMSs consider a course to be in review mode when retaking it after the completion requirement has already been met. This prevents learners from accidentally changing their course status back to incomplete.  Here's one method to change it.