SCORE_CAN_ONLY_IMPROVE have issues in Storyline 2

May 25, 2016


By default SCORE_CAN_ONLY_IMPROVE is False, but my superior requires me to set it to True due to the request from the client side.

Both my content and assessment course are in SL2 (they are separated due to SCORM 1.2 suspend data issue), but I noticed after uploaded it to LMS, the score tracking isn't parallel with the result slide score. In fact only SL1 works. And so I have to redo my asssement in SL1 in order to meet the client's request. Currently I have my content in SL2 but assessment in SL1. 

Any ideas on how why it misbehaves?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Emalyn!

Looks like Christoph has popped in to assist you here.

Most learning management systems (LMSs) consider a course to be in review mode when attempting it again after the completion requirement has been met. This prevents learners from accidentally changing their course status from complete back to incomplete. If you'd like to change this default behavior, see this article for details.

Emalyn Lim

Hi Christoph,

Mine is set to 'true' lower case. 

Hi Leslie,

I understand the way review mode works but my superior insist to remain by default setting which is 'true' but change the 'score can only improve' to true (by default is false). The problem was in SL1 with this setting, the score in lms and the score in content result slide is the same which is correct, but in SL2 with the same setting, the score in lms ran off and not the same as content result slide though the debug log indicate the score sent is correct parallel with content score. 

Emalyn Lim

Hi Leslie,

I have no issues using SL 1 in our lms website. Only SL2.

I've tried SCORM 2004 as well. SL1 is ok for multiple retries. Setting Score_can_only_improve = true.

For SL2 1st attempt lms score is correct but when I exit course and resume and retry assessment 2nd time. The score becomes 100% but in fact the scoring in content is lesser than 1st try's score. Example in result slide, 1st try is 56%, 2nd try is 32%. But in lms, 1st try is 56%, 2nd try becomes 100%.

You may try out this 2 files I've attached which is SL1 & SL2. Try publishing to scorm 2004 and configuration.js setting, Score_can_only_improve set to true.


Emalyn Lim

Hi Leslie,

I have no issues in SL1 when viewing at our lms website. Both have same setting of score_can_only_improve = true.

Besides that, I tried publishing in SCORM 2004 in SL2, but I find when I retry assessment, the score at lms becomes 100% although 2nd try's score is lower than 1st try's. Example, at result slide 1st try is 56%, 2nd try is 32%. At lms website score display 1st try 56% but 2nd try becomes 100%.

In comparison with SL2, SL1 subsequent scores are correct at lms website parallel with result slide's score.

You may try to publish in SCORM 2004 and set the configuration.js, 'score_can_only_improve to true' by using the attached SL1 file and upgrade another version to SL2. Have trouble uploading both version files here.


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