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Steve McAneney

Hi Lora. I'm no LMS expert, but in my case the scores are sent to the LMS when the e-learning is closed.Not sure if this is common though.

As Ashley says above, if you don't have a results slide there will be no info to send in the first place, and you can customise the results slide to show the user only what information you want.

Best bet is to set up some test users and try it out first.

Steve McAneney

Just to clarify my post, when the WINDOW my e-learning is in is closed (I always have it pop up in a new window), the data is sent to my LMS. I don't use an exit button, but as described in Ashley's link an exit button may not always react how you expect.

I have tried using lightboxes for e-learning, but had lots of issues with learners getting impatient waiting for test scores to be processed by the LMS and closing the entire browser, hence I use pop up windows.