Scored multiple fill-in-the-blank quizz, possible?

Hi everyone!
I'm developing a quizz with multiple data entry field at one slide. All your post and comments were super helpfull, but now I am in a complex situation.
I need it to have a grade and I have no idea how can I do it. The "choose one" template I'm using doesent allowds me to do that.
Any sugestions?

Hola a todos!
Estoy desarrollando un curso de carga de fichas con multiples entradas de texto en un mismo slide. Los comentarios y posteos que encontré fueron super útiles pero ahora estoy en una situación más compleja; necesito agregarle nota.
La nota debe entender la cantidad de respuestas correctamente cargadas y en mi quizz estoy usando una base de "choose one" por lo que no me permite diferenciar.

Thanks for all
Gracias desde ya!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Eli, thanks for your post! It looks like you're using a method very similar to Wendy's method here. 

You can assign a grade for your slide in Form View in the Points section:

And be sure to add a Results Slide to send the score to your learning management system, if you're using one. 

I hope that helps!

Eli Placci

Hi Alyssa, thanks for answer!
Unfortunately your suggestion doesn't work for me 'cause I need that each data entry has a grade.
I solved this using more variable and hidden slides.
Now I  struggling with the Next and previus button:

How can I block the navigation until the student fill all the text boxes? I saw a tutorial with number boxes and it was ok, but now I have no idea what to do.

Eli Placci

Yes Ali! I need some help 
This different scored questions at one same slide is just chaos!

So.. now I'm traying to do something like this

But I need that each question has a grade.
Any ideas?