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Hi all,

I created a scored system simulation in which I want the student to have 2 attempts to click the correct area on each slide since there are NO clues to help them out. I have already gone into the EDIT HOTSPOT on each slide and set the Score by Question with Attempts at 2, and Submit On Click under the scoring section. When I select the 2 Attempts option, the Feeback area below shows the feedback to Try Again with the Points field as a dash instead of a number value.

My thought is that with 2 attempts set at each slide action, the student should receive the full points as long as they click the correct action within the 2 attempt limit. However, the final score subtracts the points for any incorrect actions, even when inside the 2 attempt limit.

Is there another setting I must include to prevent the score from subracting when inside the limit?

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Kimberly Lococo

Thanks Leslie,

Although I'm not sure the Tutorial link you sent me helps with my problem. I may need to provide further clarification.

I created a Screen Recording of a system process and Inserted as Step-by-Step using the Test Mode option which creates a scored simulation. I set up the simulation to allow the user 2 attempts to click the correct area (hotspot) on each screen and also have the simulation set to show a score page at the end.

When Previewing the simulation, I purposely clicked the wrong areas which triggered the Try Again response. On the 2nd attempt, I clicked the correct area. However, even thought I clicked the correct spots withing the 2 attempt limit, the final score still subtracted points for each incorrect click. 

I assumed by setting the Attempts, it meant the score would NOT be subtracted as long as the user selects the correct response inside the limit, but for some reason my settings are still subtracting points.

heather smith

1.) Does Articulate 360 have any real documentation beyond "eLearning Heroes?" We just purchased Articulate 360.  To accomplish our systems simulation needs, we perform internet searches, read through time consuming and mostly non-topical, but informational blog posts to find a kernal of import to the task at hand. Often the blogpost service agent point toward some Articulate surface-level tutorials which are on topic but too basic, or refer us to another ELearning Hero thread. It's becoming circular. I am finding there are no support materials other than  entry-level tutorials, and the Articulate support seems to rely on users to stumble upon issues and post how they figured it out -- and for the end-user to read through the blogs to find, maybe even nothing to help. I love this community sharing idea, but it doesn't even suffice as a wiki. 

2.) How do you file a case? Can we as subscribers file a case? Can we access the contents of the cases?  Are these indexed somewhere so we can read them ourselves?




Crystal Horn

Hi Heather, and thanks Wendy for sharing that info!  And just to add one more link in there, we have this landing page with all of the User Guides, which are a much more comprehensive digest of all of the products' features and how to use them:

And don't forget about Articulate Live, webinar training in real time with our staff, exclusive with Articulate 360.  For the long term, Articulate Live is a great way to see feature demos, grow your skills, and get your questions answered!

We offer free and unlimited technical support for everyone at the link Wendy shared.  We don't have a public index of support cases, but if there are known issues that affect multiple users, we provide updates right here in the discussion forums.