scorepoints not accumulating via Safari on iPad

I have a module that has a 7 question quiz.  Published in SL update 3 and run on the PC the ScorePoints accumulates properly , quiz is assessed at the results slide and pass/fail accordingly works. 

Same published content run on iPad (Safari only, not through Articulate Player app) only counts points for the first correctly answered question (ie.10 points) then does not accumulate any points after that.  Results slide shows a total of 10 points accumulated.  Quiz fails of course. 

Same content published to include AP app, and run on the iPad via the app, accumulation of points works fine. Quiz passes.

Same module published using SL Update 1, no problems accumulating points in any of the 3 situations described above.  

Has anyone experienced this?  

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steve cc

I haven't submitted a case.  I will.  I'm not sure I can share this particular file. 

However, it's something that can be tested with any existing file that you all have that contains a quiz. 

I'm not running via a LMS, just web version running from a web server.  So it shouldn't be very hard to test and duplicate. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve,

I tested this with a file I had made earlier today - since you mentioned it only happened after the first quiz question was correct I just kept it with two questions and a results slide. I was able to answer correctly on the second question and get a full score. 

Here is where I loaded my example (it's on tempshare, so only good for 10 days) in case you'd like to try it on your iPad. I'm running iOS 6.1.3

Sally Burns

Hi there

I'm having exactly the same issue as this  - the first answer is registered on the iPad but the following 9 questions are not. The results slide then passes 0%. 

This does not happen on the desktop version. I thought this issue had been fixed with a recent update but I have the latest version. 


Dave Robertson

I was wondering if this was resolved or is still outstanding.

I have a course with 10 quiz questions.  On the computer, is scores correctly and I've tested it many times.  On the iPad however, I get random results.  If I answer all correct, it give me 30% for example.  I'm certain that my WIFI connection was up the whole time.

Any answers as to this?  I can upload the quiz if there hasn't been an answer yet.