Scores Appearing Multiple Times in Blackboard Gradebook

Hi! I am having trouble figuring out exactly all of the places that are telling the Articulate to submit to the gradebook - my intention is that it will only enter when the user clicks a box I made that says Submit (it has a trigger to submit results and exit the course). However, the grade is appearing 4 times in the gradebook for just one attempt (all with exactly the same timestamp). Thanks for your help!

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Michelle Benedett

I have to use Blackboard, as that is what my university uses, so if the problem has to do with Blackboard (which I imagine it probably does, probably Blackboard pulls the scores AND articulate sends the scores or something like that) then I still need to figure it out and fix it :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Michelle -- You are correct; if you do not see the same behavior in SCORM Cloud as you are seeing in your LMS, typically we recommend that you reach out to your LMS provider directly for additional assistance. I can say that I've seen that we have other members in the community who use Blackboard, so perhaps others can chime in if they have had a similar experience.