Scores questions are not retained after the resumption of the course



I created a quiz from a question bank (5 questions).

If I leave the course during the quiz, my firsts answers are not saved.

for exemple, with 1 point by question, I answer correctly to the questions 1 and 2 (2 points). I quit. when I resume, I answer correctly to the questions 3, 4 and 5. I therefore accumulate 5 points. In the slide results, it is said that I have 3 points (the 3 lasts points I guess).

I have the latest version (8) of storyline 1.


Any help ?



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cédric tavernier

I precise that the submit button is disabled in all the questions slides because I replace them with another button according to our graphic identity. Given that the new button has a trigger "submit interaction", I think there is no problem about it, right ?

However, every question slide is configured as follow : "when revisiting, reset to initial state", because of the possibility for the user to retry the quiz from the results slide.

do i have to set the questions on "automatically decide", and add a trigger "reset result" on the retry button ???

what surprises me, is that when i resume the course between two questions, i don't "revisit" the firsts question slides, so these slides should not reset, and the score should be preserved, no ?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cedric,

Yes, you have to do it from within the question bank. So what I normally do would click to view the question bank, and then make the changes to each question in the bank just using the window in the bottom right hand side for slide properties - not having to open up each question slide, just have it selected while in the question bank view.