Hi, I am a novice in Articulate - I am trying to build a questionnaire which will have scores attached to each answer selected for the question (Kind of like a scoring sheet - questions on how the users use an air conditioner) Based on the answers, scores need to be calculated and then displayed as a result. Could you please provide suggestions on how do I create this interactivity in Articulate. Thanks a lot for your help!


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Akanksha,

I am quite sure there will be more than one solution to your question, but here is a simple option that you might wish to work on.

What I have done is to set up a variable called TotalScore and then allocate a score of 1 to Answer 1, 2 to Answer 2, 3 to Answer 3 and 4 to Answer 4 (these can obviously be changed to suit your requirements).

When you select an answer, the appropriate score is then added to the TotalScore variable. You could then advance to the next question either using a Next button or, better still, automatically once you select an answer. If you choose this second option, make sure that your triggers are set up such that the TotalScore variable is adjusted before you jump to the next slide.

In this one-question example, I have added the Total Score to the top of the slide so that you can see it change as you select the answer buttons. As there isn't a second slide to advance to in this case, the Total Score will keep incrementing each time you click on an answer button.

Hope this helps.