Scoring a multi-Response question

Apr 02, 2014

Hi all,

How can I have a multi response question which the delegate should get right, but doesn't actually have to know all of the right answers...

For example if they are asked how they should close a Window, (on the computer, not in their room).. and the answers are use the X or click the close button - with some spurious wrong options thrown in, and they select one or both of the correct answers, then they would still score a correct answer. Selecting one correct and any wrong would give an incorrect answer score... ?? Or is a MR Question the wrong way to do this?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

A multi response question is for when there are multiple correct answers and you'd need to select all of them to be correct. If you'd like to do some more "partial" scoring, it's not built into Storyline but you can set it up using a more customized quiz method. There are a number of community examples, and here's one to get you going. 

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