Scoring Incorrect Answers to Pull again from Question Bank


I have a large quiz project with 73 questions (divided into 3 separate question banks). The request is for the passing standard to be 25 correct questions that pull from the different banks. For example, if someone gets 25 questions correct, they pass. However I am stuck for how to re-pull for a wrong answer. For example, tester gets a question wrong from "bank 3", we want to replace it with another question from bank 3. They don't pass the quiz until they score 25 correct questions.

Can someone help me with how to "branch the scoring" or create this "re-pull" scenario?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Anjoli and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You could certainly have 3 question banks within your Storyline course. It sounds like you want the end users to 'pass' each section if I'm understanding, so here's how you could do that.

  1. Set up your 3 question banks and pull the appropriate number of questions
  2. Each question bank would have it's own result slide/passing score
  3. Have a final 'result of results' at the end of your course calculating the 3 individual results slide and require that the user pass each one to pass the course.

If you require the user to pass. Just allow them to retry the individual sets until passed.

Hope that helps. 

If you are looking for more complex branching or pulling, I'll leave that to the community to help with your custom design.