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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sinchu,

Can you tell us more about your set up in relation to scoring and what part is not working? For example, there is a known issue currently where you may find that quiz questions are scored incorrectly when the following conditions are true:

*  You've configured your quiz to submit answers all at once.
*  You're viewing HTML5 output.
See this article for more information.
Raj S

HI Ashey i have created the custom assessment section and set the course completion and its working fine but its not working in client LMS.

below is the code i used in JavaScript function

var player=GetPlayer();

var customScore = player.GetVar("customScorePoints");

customScore = Math.round(customScore);

function SetCustomCourseCompletion(){

     parent.SCORM_SetScore(customScore, 100, 80);









can someone tell me why its not working in some LMS(Only in iPad)   :-(