Scoring number of tries in Storyline

I use the free form drag & drop interaction but I was wanting to add a number of tries feedback to this interaction if the user has placed the items in the incorrect position. The incorrect items would then return to their original positions.

I could do this in flash but was wondering if this could be achieved in storyline, and if so it would be good to share the solution as this hasn't been covered.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Yes, it can be pretty easily, assuming you are using the Correct and Incorrect layers with the interaction.

Create a numeric variable for recording the number of incorrect tries.  Give it an initial value of 0.

Then on the incorrect layer itself, add a layer trigger that increments your variable by 1 every time the layer is accessed.

Then to restore everything back, make sure your slide's revisit is set to "Reset to initial set."  Then on your incorrect layer, edit the trigger on the Continue button to not jump to the next slide but to jump back to itself (i.e., the current slide).

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mr. Y,

I quickly threw together a slide and WAS able to achieve the counting part, but for some reason when I turned on the trigger for the counting, the source objects no longer bounce back when their positioned incorrectly, even thought in the Edit Drag/Drop Properties I have set the following parameter:

Check beside Return item to start point if dropped outside: a correct drop target

So, I'm hoping someone will weigh in. Perhaps I've done something wrong here:

Freeform Drag/Drop

I created the freeform with 3 shapes as the "source" and 3 as the "target"


I set up a variable called Tries: Number type with a default value of 0.


I clicked on the first shape and set up a new trigger as follows:

Action: Adjust Variable

Variable: Tries

Operator: +Add

Value: Value 1

When: Object dropped on

Object: Oval A

Dropped on: Cube 1, Cube 2, Cube 3

Then I copied/pasted this for Ovals B and C

Checking the Counts

So that I could see if the count was working, I inserted a Reference by:

Inserted a Text box on the slide

Clicked Insert >Insert Reference (it's in the Text group) and selected Tries.

So this all works fine, but there must be a way to get the objects to bounce back when placed incorrectly. It worked fine until I added the triggers.

Mr. Y, thanks for the question and looking forward to the resolution.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mr Y,

Just now getting back to this. Can't believe how the time flies!

Although my response came in after Gerry's, I hadn't yet seen his when I replied. The way Gerry sets this up eliminates the problem I was having with "bounce back."

I followed his instructions, but made one addition: I added the a trigger to "count" when the user accesses the correct layer as well. This counts ALL attempts, not just incorrect attempts.

Also, I had to simplify and only had one source object on the slide. I imagine this can be done with 3 sources and 3 targets, but I'm not there yet!

Here's the story if you want to take a look.

Thanks, Gerry. Great instructions.

Crystal Horn

Hi Liz!  When you revisit a drag and drop slide that resets to the initial state, it's like the previous question attempts never happened.

Check out this workaround by Leslie for resetting your drag and drop elements, and still maintaining the limit on question attempts!  You can add a variable to track those attempts, and then use a trigger on the Try Again layer to immediately show the Incorrect Layer when the attempts have been exhausted.

Hope that helps!