Scorm 1.2 and Moodle

Sep 05, 2012

Hey All-

When uploading a SL course to Moodle, do I need to include the entire Output folder?  Should I zip after publishing the course and then upload the zipped file instead?

Getting a "Incorrect file package - missing lmsmanifest.xml or AICC structure" message.

Or, am I missing something obvious? 



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Nancy Woinoski

If you are using the SCORM format on Moodle, you need to publish your storyline out using the LMS option and then select the applicable format (i.e, SCORM 1.2). You then need to zip the entire Storyline output folder (there is a publish setting in Storyline that you can select to zip the output for you). You then need to upload the zip file to Moodle.

Kevin Thorn

Hey David,

A SCORM package (zip file) is how an LMS communicates with the content. The Moodle platform or any LMS platform reads the zip files pretty much all the same. That's why the "S" in SCORM stands for "sharable."

Really the only options you have is how a particular LMS tracks the content. When you select LMS as the publish output there are a few more options. First, whether you want it to be AICC, SCORM 1.2, or SCORM 2004 (with the latest update you now have the option to publish to TinCanAPI).

The other options are Reporting/Tracking. When you click this there are a few more choices with one being how the LMS actually tracks: Passed/Failed, Passed/Incomplete, Complete/Incomplete, and Complete/Failed. Most LMSs use Complete/Incomplete but you'll need to confirm that with the Moodle LMS Administrator to be sure.

FInally, as Nancy pointed out you can zip up the output folder yourself - the contents of the output folder, not the folder itself. Or you can have Articulate do it for you after publishing is complete. 

There's no need to 'point' to anything. Once the package is loaded onto the LMS, the admin will have the ability to add other paramaters such as a description, keywords, and even change the title. Learners will go to wherever the course is offered (typically a link or button to launch the course) and the LMS will do the rest.

Antonio A

Hi All,

Using Articulate 13 I am trying toexport my course to moodle 2.2 and track it according to the number of slidesviewed (as you see in the screenshot) but it in moodle anything is tracked. Igo through the slides and the scorm doesn´t show any score, neither in thegradebook.

I am using Scorm 1.2

Does someone have the same problem?


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