SCORM 1.2 bookmarking - no suspend_data values and no bookmarking

I've created a very simple storyline course to test on an LMS. The course should return a status of completed and bookmark. The status change is working just fine but the course is not bookmarking. I've checked the values on the LMS and CMI.suspend_data is not being set. Is there a particular setting within storyline I need to pay attention to to include bookmarking? I've been using for LMS testing.

I've searched around on the forms and have found a few posts about bookmarking but those posts relate to running out of room in the suspend data field. In this case it's simply not storing any data whatsoever within the field. Perhaps if I have missed the post that explains this issue if so could you please direct me to that link.


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Sweetrush Inc

Brian Allen said:

Mark, take a look at this tutorial and see if it gives you the answers you need (let us know!) -

Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for the fast response! The instructions at the link did in fact solve the issue perfectly!


Drew Pruitt

Hey Ashley,

In a environment where the computer is shared by multiple users, I am hoping Storyline is storing the bookmark and location of the user in the suspend data element. in the LMS. What I am worried about is when it uses a local cookie.  If it uses something local to the machine then it creates a problem in a shared pc environment.  One user picks up where the last user finished.  I don't think Storyline does this because it has the ignore Flash cookie option, but I have yet to test it fully.

Thanks for the response.