SCORM 1.2 Course bugs

Oct 20, 2020

Hey there, 

I've recently updated Storyline 360 to the latest version and am experiencing issues from our learners. Attached to this discussion is "user_example.jpg" which shows that the learner is choosing the correct answer and storyline is submitting a "wrong" result. Additionally, the published course isn't displaying all the questions in my question bank (30 questions in the question bank). This can be seen in the attachment "all_questions.jpg". The amount of questions being presented varies in range... Some users see 11 questions, others see 24+, it appears to be random, at-least to me. Lastly, the "passed_raw.jpg" image is showing that I have learners submitting a raw value of 73, when they are achieving a result of 96.66, which is over the requirement of 75 to gain course completion. Why would the cmi.score.raw value ever be different than what is submitted by the users interactions? 

It's critical that this feature works for me, as the ability to scramble final exam questions is a critical component to course deployment for our company. Any help or clarification would be extremely helpful.  

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