SCORM 1.2 in Moodle won't play in Articulate Player on iPad

Sep 20, 2012


I would like my Storyline content to presented via SCORM in Moodle. No reporting/tracking is necessary, but I would like to deploy via SCORM instead of URL as we have a special icon (Moodle is restricitve in terms of pairing icons with links).  My SL content has video screencast and audio, so the html5 version won't work. What I need is to be able to have users launch in iPad via the Articulate Mobile player. However, when I do so I receive this error:

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"Cannot access content:

Articulate Mobile Player cannot access this content".


Is this a a known/expected error/limitation in functionality? Or something on MOodle's end? Or...?

Thanks in advance.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Allisun,

It's likely due to requiring your users to have to login to view the content. Currently, there isn't a way to pass security credentials from a web browser to a mobile application apart from Tin Can API. As a result, you won't be able to view SCORM, AICC, or web content in the Articulate Mobile Player if your LMS or web server requires users to login.

To avoid the "Cannot Access Content" error, do one of the following:

  • Publish your Storyline content for LMS, but do not mark the box to Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad. (If you include the HTML5 option when publishing, your content will launch in mobile Safari when viewed on an iPad.)
  • Or, publish your Storyline content for Web, and mark the box to Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad. Then upload the published content to a web server that does not require users to login to view the content.

You can learn more about the error message here

Allisun O'Connell

Yep, it was actually the comparison matrix that led me to believe there would be issues. We have separate files for audio and screencast recorded video. I recorded the screencast video using Articulate's recording tool.  

This is the text that led me to conclude it wouldn't work. Please advise if you think otherwise.

Mobile Safari can play only one audio or video file at a time. If you plan to deploy HTML5 content to be viewed on an iPad, take this mobile Safari limitation into consideration when designing your course.

This could also affect your screen recordings if they include audio. Mobile Safari cannot play both the video and the audio simultaneously.

eLearning Development


I am still on moodle 1.97 but I have gotten around this by placing the folder on the front page file site and linking to the story file from behind a course page if log in is required.  the front page files in 1.97 do not require log in so the articulate player can still access them.  I have direct access to my moodle files as we host internally but I have done this through uploading as well. 

we will be updating to 2.3 soon so I will find out soon enough if I can still do that in the later versions.

If you need help with this and you happen to still be running an old version of moodle I am glad to assist.


Phil Mayor

Hi Tim, the problem (not sure if it is a problem) is that Moodle 2 does not really give you access to the directory structure if you add a link to a web page in 1.9 you could host the content within noodle, in 2, you only have access to the database entry  for that file and other files amy not load (I have not tested this).  You should be able to add it as a scorm on the frontpage but may need to be logged in to access it (I am sure I could change the frontpage settings for all access but think this would be a bit unwise).  It would need to be free access and not guest because you get into the authentication issue again

Allisun O'Connell

Well, what I'm doing now is Publish for the Web & checking the box to use the Articulate Player app. I add the Storyline story.html to display as a web page in a pop-up window. Because I'm simply adding it as a web link, I don't have any assessments or anything in there that I need to track. I just had it tested out with an iPad and it all worked out well using the Mobile Player app. 

Cédric Mallet

Hi Allisun

I'm trying to replicate your solution but I failed to have the content load in the mobile App on iPad.

Did you upload the Articulate package on a different website so that the App can download it ? I don't see any other option, but I really don't like this option because I am working on private internal trainings for a company.

Anyone with a solution to use Articulate, moodle, Mobile App on iPad, any input welcome !

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cedric,

I'm not sure that Allisun is still subscribed to this thread - but to access the course within the Mobile player, you'll need to place on a web server or within an LMS that supports the Tin Can API.  

You may want to look at using one of the web server options mentioned in this article, as I'm uncertain about Moodle's ability to support Tin can. 

julia kirby

I am using Articulate Presenter and have a lot of SCORM packages over the past few years using audio narration recorded into the articulate options and animation of text and pictures on the same slide.  I also use Moodle (moodlerooms) and have upgraded to an adaptable theme and reformatted all my SCORM's to HTML5 (without the art. app because Moodle does not have TinCan API compatibility).  

But, I have tested on multiple mobile devices and none of my HTML5 SCORM modules will play in iPad (tried on 6 different ones).  I just found the matrix and discovered that Safari does not like the mix of audio and animation - hence trouble I've been having.  My company doesn't understand any of this and just wants a solution... yesterday.  

I thought I was quite clever by installing the Google Chrome App in my iPad to get around the Safari issue, but it was even worse.  Does anyone know of a work around?  -- A different way to save audio files, a way to merge the two so that it reads as a video, or even another HTML5 SCORM development software I can use while this bug is getting fixed?

I appreciate any and all suggestions!  Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bodapati,

This discussion is quite a bit older, so we'll want to start from scratch.

What version of Storyline, iOS and the iPad are you using? Have you published to include the mobile player or not, allowing it to default to HTML5? 

Also, have you looked at testing your content in any other environment such as SCORM Cloud? That'll help lay a good baseline for how it should behave in your LMS as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I wish I could blame missing that on an early morning answer, but nope - it was mid-afternoon for me! Maybe just a case of the Mondays...? 😉 Thanks for checking that Phil. 

Hi Bodapati,

Phil is totally right - you'll want to make sure you've published for Tin Can API if you need to use the Articulate Mobile player, if you're using another option you may see the error messages noted here. If you are publishing for SCORM or AICC you will want to unselect the "Articulate Mobile player" as a part of your publishing options. 

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