SCORM 1.2 - Issues - LMS - Tracking

Hi community,

My client is experiencing issues with completion tracking on their LMS. Standard Scorm 1.2 has been requested. I exported the course with this option; however, files of AICC and Scorm 2004 standards are shown in the LMS folder. Is this correct? How could I check the LMS is using the Scorm 1.2 standard and not the other ones?

I will appreciate your help.


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Mark Rone Glino

Hi Emilse,

Normally what I do there is to open the LMS again using the Storyline 360 application and click Publish. The pre chosen LMS Output Option will show and that's when your if you are using SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004. 

There is another way though to check the LMS Version and that's by opening up the Project folder and looking for "imsmanifest.mxl", if the File is using SCORM 1.2 it you will see there <schemaversion>1.2</schemaversion> but if it's SCORM 2004 you will see <schemaversion>CAM 1.3</schemaversion>.

I checked as well that that if the LMS was published using AICC or Tin Can. The AICC folder will not contain any "imsmanifest.mxl" and the Tin Can will have a "tincan.xml" file inside.

Hope that this helps. Cheers!