SCORM 1.2 tracking #slides not allowing for question banks


I have set up a course that is comprised of 8 sections, each section is followed a quiz comprised of one slide containing a question bank of 2-4 questions. My client does not care if the quizzes are passed or not - they just want the interaction. They all do feed into a final results slide as a FYI, but the main concern is that they view each and every slide. All Storyline slides are visible in the menu. When I publish to SCORM 1.2 - I set the completion tracking to view all slides, and this is hardcoded to 26 slides. However, when publishing, the progress bar shows it is publishing a total of 42 slides. It is counting all the questions in the question banks as additional (hidden?) slides. Because of this, the LMS is posting completion EARLY, after section 5, not requiring viewing all the slides. The course behaved the same way when tested on the SCORM Cloud. Is there a way to work-around that hard-coded number to change it to the higher number of slides? I am trying to avoid breaking out each question on its own slide, plus I do not want each individual question slide in the menu. I have been reading in the forum, that to use total number of slides as tracking, they must all be visible in the menu?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Catherine and welcome to Heroes!

We have recently reported this to our Quality Assurance team for review, as the slides within the question bank are only counting as one slide, the slide draw slide, and therefore causing issues with tracking by number of slides.

For your set up though, if you'd like the interaction data, as in what the user answered - you'll want to track by a results slide and report those results to the LMS.