SCORM 2004 not playing in LMS

I have a feeling this question might be better answered by our LMS, but I thought I'd try here too.

I have a course built in Storyline that won't play in our LMS if it's published in SCORM 2004. It just says "Loading content...please wait." However, if I publish in SCORM 1.2 everything works fine.

Has anyone run into this before and do they have any suggestions for what I might do to resolve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Arend Raifsnider

Hi Ashley,

I tried uploading to Scorm Cloud and it worked there. The strange thing is that I tested another Storyline course on our LMS with the same settings, and that worked. Could it be that my file has gotten corrupted somehow?

I'm going to try to rebuild it quickly tomorrow and see if that fixes it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arend, 

If it worked on SCORM Cloud, I wouldn't suspect it to be a corruption issue - but there could have been some issue that occurred when uploading it to your LMS. To start out fresh, I'd recommend deleting the original version from your LMS and then take the original .story file and import into a new project as described here.  Then you'll want to upload that version to the LMS and see how it behaves. 

Arend Raifsnider

Hi again Ashley,

I actually tried several times with different versions. Each time had the same result.

This morning I created a new project file and copied and pasted all my slides into that one, sort of like what you recommended except I did things manually. I wish I'd seen your suggestion earlier. Anyway, it seemed to do the trick. Thanks!

Arend Raifsnider

Hi again! Someone else within my organization experienced a similar issue. However, this time she claimed that changing the Java settings on her computer allowed her to view the course in the LMS with no problems. Specifically, she had to go into her computer's Control Panel and either changing the Java Security Level to Medium (rather than High or Very High) or by adding the URL to the Exception List. 

We obviously can't have potentially thousands of learners running into the same issue, but I know that suggesting security changes on all company computers to our IT department will be met with major resistance.

So my question is, is there anything that can be done from within the Storyline project to overcome this issue (perhaps including some kind of Javascript in the course)? I'm not very familiar with Java, so I'm hoping someone here might have some suggestions.