Scorm 2004: Reports shows FreeForm response as “undefined”

We have a course published as SCORM 2004, 4th edition. Several of the questions are FreeForm type.

The learners have to answer these questions before moving to the next slide. They cannot change their answer if they use the Prev button to go back.


We are noticing about 34% of the learners have a response listed as “undefined.”  We cannot understand how they cannot answer the question, when they cannot move forward until they answer and if they return to the question they cannot change it.

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kathy mclaughlin

Renato said it worked in SCORM Cloud and to check with the LMS.
It is an inconsistent problem. I’ve resubmitted a question back sharing that the same question was answered by four different people, two showed the response, while the other two showed undefined.
I’m also asking what is code is sent to the LMS. . . the questions are FreeForm and the learner is selecting a shape with text in it.

By the way, the LMS is telling me to go back to Articulate. I’m stuck in the middle.