SCORM 2004 v3 - How often is "set data" initiated?

I would like some advice on how Storyline publishes SCORM 2004 v3 content. In particular I would like to know when the "set data" query is initiated so that data entered is saved in each user session. 

I am addressing the problem of reliability of service in regards to data being lost due to internet drop-outs. I would like to design my current modules so that the user progress is saved on each slide.

Please advise any recommendations. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave, 

You may want to look at watching the LMS debug data so that you could see what is being passed back and forth and when. Additionally there is a method here on how to set up the course to let the user know if they've lost their connection. 

If you're looking to set something up on each and every slide, I'd suspect it may be something you could accomplish with Javascript but I'll have to defer to the community for assistance with that.