May 25, 2014


I having a problem and i tries to find answer here or in the web but cannot find one,

I'm having moodle 2.4 and i build my courses with storyline,

I publish my course to LMS and defined it to scorm 1.2 passed/failed.

When I see the report in moodle I only see the grade and when I try to see the full report but I can't understand there nothing , it's look like this:

when I continue to investigate I find out that the problem is at the storyline,

when I uploada scorm Package from another sotware the full report look very good:

I hope someone have a solution for this problem

Thank you,


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Revital tz

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the answer,

The first link you add is the web site that i download the scorm that shows in my Moodle the good report,

I continue to check and the SCORM from this web site was create, not using software like Storyline,

The second link you add is nice but if I want my Teachera understand by themselves what there is in the report, the report i get today is not good,

Is there is a way to change the XML file? I mean that if someone know what to change,

If I compare the 2 XML files from my two examples it look very diffrent,

I add them here,

Hope someone have an idea to me,



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Revital,

I'm unable to assist with updating the XML files, as we don't support modifying the published output. In regards to what you downloaded from Rustici's website - was that a course that you had published there and then loaded into Moodle? I am a bit confused as to the set up you've taken to see these two different reports - are they the same course? Have you looked for any specific Moodle documentation in regards to how you should publish your Storyline files and expect to be able to pull reports? 

Dan Marsden

I'm confused too...

the first screenshot is the full breakdown of tracks for a single user - shown when you select "track details" in a user report (your 3rd screenshot) - these are user level reports designed to show the full information passed from the SCORM package to Moodle.

the second screenshot looks like it is the course level reports accessible via the url ../mod/scorm/report.php with "track details" set to "yes" - it shows each SCO in your SCORM as a column in the report. This report only shows the scos if you have set "track details" to "yes" at the bottom of the page.

I think you are saying that one of your SCORM packages doesn't show this full information in the report? - Some SCORM packages have a single sco - others are broken down into multiple Sco's - There are also other reports that are more user friendly accessiblt from the /mod/scorm/report.php page as tabs like the "interactions" report which shows information on the quiz questions answered by your users.

Hopefully that helps.

Nadav Kavalerchik

Hello Ashley & Dan,

I am a Moodle developer and also a System Administrator of Revital's Moodle system.

On Revital's request, Let me jump in and try to clear the picture a little bit...

The Second and Third screen captures are coming from the famous SCORM 1.2 Golf example Rustici have on their SCORM site.

The First screen capture is from our best try, one of many, to set up a SCORM activity in Storyline in such a way that it will display student's progress in each page/quiz and also the general grade as similar as can be to the SCORM Golf example.

We would appreciate any guidance and tip (or a course template you might have?) that can help us track and display granular student's progress report and grades on each page and quiz in the course (SCORM package) back in Moodle (2.7)


Dan Marsden

I have seen a range of Articulate packages report interactions like those shown in the Screenshots - It is important to note that the reports in Moodle only support SCORM 1.2 - they do not support SCORM 2004

I think the difference here is that screenshot 1 shows that you are reporting interactions so these should show on the "interactions" report in Moodle (make sure you have the preferences set as you want down the bottom of the report "Summary of question/Report/Answer" )

Screenshot 2 and 3 show a SCORM package that has multiple SCO's rather than interactions - so I think you're asking how you can break your SCORM package down into multiple SCO's? - I guess that's a question for the Articulate authors here

Gaurav Goel

I also had SCORM reporting problem for HTML5 output from Storyline and it turned out to be Moodle 2.5.2 and IE10 combination. Course wasn't reporting completion status and the bookmarking was not working. On other OS-browser combinations it worked fine though. After much trial and no success, I tested it on SCORM Cloud and it worked fine. 

In general, Moodle does not seem to me, keeping up pace with time. I prefer SCORM Cloud for SCORM testing now as much as possible.

Dan Marsden

yep - Rustici has more $$ than I do to maintain/develop SCORM in Moodle as proper use of the cloud requires a commercial subscription - unless someone wants to pay me to maintain SCORM in Moodle full-time (instead of currently as a volunteer) this will likely always be the case. In my day job I work for a Moodle Partner and we have a range of Moodle clients that use either the native SCORM player or the Rustici SCORM Cloud via their plugin. Some of our clients find the native player to be adequate but others find the Rustici player meets their requirements better. Rustici is such a great/easy company to work with too.. much better than some of the other US based companies that provide a Moodle integration to their external commercial service. They have supported us a lot while improving/developing native support in Moodle.

We've also stopped any further dev on native support for SCORM 2004 (1.2/AICC are still supported) to focus on other stuff like Tin Can.

Nadav Kavalerchik

Thank you Dan, Phil And Gaurav for you feedback and comments.

Dan, I only export SCORM 1.2 packages from Storyline. Since I know SCORM 2004 is not fully supported.

( BTW, I wonder what features do work? considering I am exporting a Storyline package)

The Golf example packages are all SCORM 1.2, and still we get great reports. So I do not think SCORM 2004 is a must in our case.

Phil, We tried to play around with the package schema but could not make it work. ( I will try to dive into it again )

Gaurav, Thank you for sharing the experience with IE. We recommend our users to use Chrome or Firefox. We also tried SCORM Cloud which seems to work fine. But I am not sure if it is needed in this simple case.

Everyone here is on holiday, so It will take me a few days to try Dan's suggesting and report back on the progress we had with those packages and the reporting.

It could help if someone from Articulate could point me to a sample package that is broken into multiple SCOs.

Thank you everyone

Dan Marsden

It's looking likely that Reportbuilder (report tool from TotaraLMS) might land in Moodle 2.8 which should bring a massive step forward for reporting in Moodle but I think it's more likely that Tin Can in Moodle will rely on an external LRS like Learning Locker or one of the many other options so reporting on Tin Can is possibly going to be more reliant on the LRS implemented rather than Moodle - but it will be interesting to see where things end up.

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