SCORM API calls "not found" on Windows tablet


We recently implemented PeopleFluent LMS and are testing the courses we brought over. We have a set of four new SCORM courses that are the only ones not working currently, and they are only not working on our managers' Windows tablets (to be clear, all other SCORM courses work on all of our Windows tablets AND desktop computers as far as we can tell).

These are the only courses we have that were developed in (and published from) Storyline , to my knowledge. When we published them, we made sure to include HTML5/mobile outputs expecting that eventually we'd need that output.

Attached is are the error details our IT guy grabbed when he was able to replicate the problem. I don't know a ton about SCORM API, but it seems odd that we have such a limited instance of the calls not getting made/completed. If they didn't work, wouldn't they globally not work, instead of just on one type of device -- especially one that seems to run Flash just fine? This leads me to believe it's actually a device issue and not an LMS or course/publishing issue. And if that's the case, what driver/software would need updating on a Windows tablet if it can run previously published SCORM courses but not these new ones?

Please help!

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Gordon Harding


It has been a few years since I attempted to debug so take what I say with a grain of salt. The way I remember it is, the LMS is responsible for placing a SCORMAPI object in the Javascript which is part of the course wrapper. 

The Javascript that comes with the course (from Articulate) searches through the course wrapper to find the SCORMAPI object. So, the messages you are seeing are from the Articulate Javascript code that is attempting to find the SCORMAPI object. 

Since these courses work on everything else but the tablet, it would appear that the LMS is placing the SCORMAPI object correctly in those cases. The Articulate code locates the SCORMAPI object and communicates to the LMS. 

So, I would contact the LMS vendor and ask why the course they launch on the tablet cannot locate the SCORMAPI object. Perhaps it is a browser issue. 

Sorry to not be of more help.