SCORM calls for Score tracking

Hi folks,

I have one Storyline piece that seem to be setting score.raw, score.max and score.min on launch, in the SCORM Cloud tracking solution. I have another Storyline piece that doesn't set these values. Both pieces track by page views and not quiz results.

Does anyone know what's making the first piece try to set the score values, as it's causing an issue. Is there some setting in the Storyline piece that's triggering this?

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Julia Koller

Where are seeing the score reported? I use SCORM cloud to test both 1.2 and 2004 courses published out of Storyline. But, when I look at the Registration for a course, I'm not seeing score.raw, etc... I do see cmi.score_raw... I'm just checking to see if we're looking at the same thing.

What issue, specifically, is the thrown score causing?

Ed Hickey

Hi Julia,

we figured out what the issue was. We have some custom code in place to detect the loss of an LMS connection and to warn the user if that occurs. We call some functions that appear in Storylines supporting js files. We called a slightly different function in one of the courses, one that seemingly sets up the score values.