SCORM Cloud iPad Error

Dec 17, 2015

First, let me say I have been in contact with the Tech Support Team at SCORM Cloud, and they have told me this is a Storyline/ iOS9 issue.

As of yesterday, when testing my courses on the iPad Air 2, in both Chrome and Safari, I got an Error message, see image Error. When I clicked okay to view the debug information I got the following, see image Error2.

I have the latest version of Storyline 2, I have used the Articulate Updater, but this still remains an issue.

I cannot view my courses on the iPad because of this, which I must be able to do. I have even attached the Storyline 2 file.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Melissa -- Many thanks for reaching out with your question and so sorry to hear you are having difficulties! We appreciate that you have shared your error images and also your file. I will be happy to test your published output in the SCORM Cloud on my iPad Air 2 as soon as possible and will be in touch shortly with my findings. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Melissa -- My apologies for the delay in response, but I also appear to be having difficulties publishing your file on my machine, so in the interest of getting you the assistance you need as quickly as possible, I am going to go ahead and create a support ticket for you, and submit it to our Engineers for further investigation. You will be hearing from a member of that team as soon as they have had the opportunity to review your case, and I plan to follow along with their progress. Your continued patience is appreciated! :)

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