SCORM Completion Status - Two Quizzes

I've a tad flummoxed at this point. I reckon I do not entirely understand Results slides.

I want to have the learner pass the first quiz with a min score of 90. Then learner has to attest to having read a doc. Both of these conditions are required for completion status.

So I set up two scenes. 10-question quiz in scene 1 has a results slide that tracks the 10 questions with passing score of 90. Scene 2 has one question and a results slide that tracks quiz 1 and quiz 2 results and requires passing of both quizzes.

What is happening is that if learner gets score of 90 in the first quiz then successfully completes quiz 2, the completion status is NOTsent to the LMS. If the learner gets 100 in quiz 1, the completion status IS sent to the LMS. Since the first quiz has passing score of 90, I'm not surfe why this is happening.

I am using SCORM cloud to view the SCORM log.

Is there something about Results slides that I am missing? If you have a results slide that requires two quizzes to be passed, which is the final score reported to the LMS?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jack!

When you go to publish a course you can choose to track by slides viewed or you can track by the results of the graded quiz questions. You can choose which results slide is tracked and sent to the LMS.

Here is a tutorial to get you started with using results slides.

If you do need to track Multiple SCOs in the same course, though not supported, you may want to look at the information here on possible ways to accomplish this.

Jack Anzinger

Thanks for the reply. I've been through the tutorials. What I'm really trying to deermine is EXACTLY how the setting on the Results slide works that indicates "User must pass each quiz" when two quizzes are used.

To me this is not clear from tutorials, help or from the SCORM log itself. The fourth paragraph in the original post describes the behavior that is a  bit of a mystery.

Jack Anzinger

Sadly I took a different approach, so the issue of using two or more quiz results to determine the overall completion of a SCORM course a mystery. It's confusig based upon posts in the forum that refer to the necessity of using mutlti SCOs and that only one results slide can be used. But the "User must pass each quiz"" setting suggests that this can be done with one SCO that has multiple quiz results.

That says to me I should be a ble to create one quiz with a passing score of 90 and another with a passing score of 100. This did not work when the first quiz score was 90 but it DID work when the first score was 100.