SCORM Completions occasionally don't report

I've got a client running our SL 360 SCORM 2004 reporting completed/incomplete on a SumTotal LMS. I have had similar complaints from other LMS.

The problem is that most 90%+ learners complete properly, but there is a single-digit percentage of learners who complete and pass the training but the LMS does not record this.

Because this happens on different LMS I'm inclined to think this may be an issue with SL 360.

Has anyone had similar issues?


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Sam Carter
Brian Dennis

I'd suggest you run your course through SCORM Cloud to see if the problem rests with your LMS. And Justin's tips on troubleshooting LMS issue is a second starting point as well.

Testing just a few times, SL 360 will record properly on any LMS. When you get into the several hundred learners all working from different workstations, browsers, or tablets, you'll have a failure rate.

I was hoping to learn if others had experienced similar failures. I am beginning to doubt it is the LMS as several different LMS have reported the same. Suggests it may be a race condition of some kind in SL software.

Charles Zoffuto


Of my 15 years of elearning, I have seen this occur on a regular basis. There can be a number of reasons not related to any bug in either the LMS or the course development software. What happens is that the course and the LMS lose connection and so the course plays on while the LMS is no longer listening. Most commonly, in my experience, the LMS will "timeout" the connection after an hour or so. What I had found to be the case was that people would start a course, then go to lunch or leave for the day with the course still open in the browser. They would return, finish the course, but by then the connection was lost and the course was reporting to and LMS that wasn't listening. I have had other cases where the connection was dropped for other unknown reasons as well.

In the past it had been suggested that the course software have some sort of "ping" that would alert it (and the learner) if the LMS had stopped listening. There might be a way to program it but it isn't a standard feature. 

So I suggest you do the following. 
1. Check the setting on your LMS to find out how long the connection stays active on a unresponsive course/module.

2. Instruct learners that if they need to step away from the course for more than 15 min that they close the browser window as the LMS will remember where they left off and resume from that point. 

At one point I was seeing a connection loss rate of nearly 10% and heard of it being even higher. I will try and find the article I had read on this a number of years back on the researched failure rate. 


Sam Carter

I ran some tests and found that our LMS anyway does a connection test periodically and notifies learners of disconnect. Prompting for retry.

Retrying the connection allows the LMS to continue.  Unfortunately, Storyline continues to display the "loading" icon and never completes.

I don't believe this is related to failed completions but it is another bug.