SCORM content on clients Webserver Requires access by various external LMS clients

Hello there  - I have a client that has created custom content that they post on their webserver for purchase (non SCORM). Recently they have had a number of requests to provide this content as SCORM compliant as well so that it can be run on various external LMS's.

Our client does not want to use SCORM Cloud Dispatch to host their content on, but rather they have created custom "portal" with unique URLS for their clients and then send through the CSV file with the data that was collected through their InfusionSoft server once the course has completed.

One of the LMS providers recommended that just the manifest file has to be edited with the unique URL location(s) so that their LMS can point to this SCORM content (this LMS provider has not actually done it before so there is no documentation on their system).

My questions are:

  1. Is changing just the manifest file feasible to point to the location URL(s) - Is there documentation out there to refer to.
  2. If the manifest file is the route to follow, are there other files/considerations that require edit.

This is outside of my experience, so any consultants I can approach would be helpful and appreciated.

Thank you.

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