SCORM course reporting inconsistently

We have a new course we just deployed and it has resulted in a lot of tickets for our help desk because it is not reporting/recording correctly in our LMS 100% of the time. Has anyone had issues with SCORM packages  doing this? Is there anything potentially at issue with our publish settings? (below) Obviously, if some users are reporting as complete, something is working sometimes, but this is a major headache for our field users, so it was worth asking. 

We use PeopleFluent LMS, if that's of any help.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sara,

I'd also suggest reviewing this article on troubleshooting common LMS issues,  and as Phil mentioned you may also want to see if setting the completion a slide less would change the behavior. You could even add a new blank slide to the end of your presentation and still set the slide number to 25. 

I also saw that your publish location was set to your N drive, and it's worth a reminder that you would want to publish to your local drive as described here.