SCORM Courses not "completing"


I've created several SCORM (1.2) courses using Articulate Storyline and have uncovered a bug that affecting the results of our users. 

Our users log onto our LMS to take the courses and complete a quiz. 

If a user exits the course early (i.e. closes the player window before getting to the last slide) the course will show up in their status as "incomplete".  When they return, the course will ask them if they would like to continue where they left off.  We've answered both yes and no to this question but the results are the same.  If a user tries to retake the course and completes it, it still does not show up as complete in the LMS.  We are able to replicate this error at will, and the only way to have the course show up as "complete", is to manually go in and adjust the result.   We've contacted our LMS provider, BizLibrary, and they have concluded that the bug is either in the software or in the authoring/settings of the course.  I have gone into one of the courses and attempted to reset/adjust settings but nothing seems to work.  Basically, if the user does not go to the very last slide to exit the course (on the first try) the LMS will not mark them as "complete".  Has anyone else encountered this?    

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rob and welcome to Heroes!

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're experiencing with your course completion. First off, how are you reporting completion to the LMS (results slide, total number of slides visited)?  You may also want to review this blog post on troubleshooting common LMS issues with tracking and reporting. I'd also suggest testing this within SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM content, to see if the behavior persists there as well. 

There is also a known issue described here, where if a user exits and resumes a course that has more than one quiz and is tracked by a final results slide it may not recognize the completion status. 

Rob Ardoin

Good morning Ashley,

Thank you for your reply to my post.  We double double checked our authoring (yep even checked it in SCORM Cloud and the issue did not manifest itself there).  On these specific courses, we use a results slide to send in the results.   Our training assistant in her amazing diligence continued to research the issue online and she did a step by step trouble shoot.  Using a debugger, she was able to find a setting that seemed to be the culprit.  We changed the setting in the LMS configuration folder.  It appears to have fixed the problem.