SCORM Data - What am I missing?

Good morning!

I am testing Storyline's ability to communicate with our LMS via SOCRM 1.2. I created a sample, rendered it, and loaded it to the LMS. When I run the interactions report, I get nothing. Is there a trigger that I need to set up to send the data to the LMS? I am attaching the story file for reference.

I've looked for a tutorial on SCORM and Storyline, but have yet to find one. If someone would point me in the right direction, I would appeciate it.

Thank you!

Mary Gutwein

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary,

Thanks for sharing your file here, and everything looks to be set up correctly. The trigger is already set on the "Results" slide to submit results, and you're using that slide for tracking purposes in your publish options. I tested your file (which I had some problems with slide 5 - it was hanging up the publish, so I had to remove it) and loaded it into my Articulate Online account to see what reports I could pull, and I was able to see the answers, and how individual users answered. If your LMS is not showing the reporting data you need, you may want to review this post on troubleshooting common LMS issues

Mary Gutwein

Ashley - I was able to publish with the slide there.

I have another question. I published the test module I sent and got the requisite SCORM data. For the question, the SCORM report sent back this:

LMSSetValue = Scene1_Slide5_FreeFormHotspot_0_0

Is there any way to change the name of the question prior to publishing so it is reflected in the SCORM report, or is this something that Storyline does that can't be changed?