SCORM Elements - one day work, one day don't.... !

I am currently using Moodle LMS (obviously a very widely used platform) and have an individual who has previously completed a course using Google Chrome (under which we have tested the module).  The user previously completed the SCORM package without issue, however, upon being allocated a new user account (the first was a demo) and using exactly the same device and browser, he is now experiencing issues with content from the SCORM packages not loading - e.g. interactive elements not working, such as a drag and drop image not appearing.


This means that we are having extreme issues with usability due to SCORM packages being unreliable.  This is just an example of many issues we are having with SCORM packages, with many users struggling with activities not showing as completed.


Can anyone please explain why a SCORM package would work one day but then the next, not as per the above example - even though they're using exactly the same device and network?  I cannot see any reason why it should be so temperamental and is causing significant issues.


I've searched endless forum posts, tried endless things but no matter what settings we use or how we package up SCORM packages, there are constant issues in one format or another.  Is SCORM really this unreliable?  There must be examples of users with 100% reliabilty.., surely?



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Phil Mayor

I dont think you will ever get 100% reliability, but should expect 95%+ There are so many variables for sending the data to an LMS database that errors will happen.

This may be an issue with the latest Chrome browser, there are a few reports in the forum this week about issues with Chrome. Which version of Storyline are you using?



Hi Phil

That's useful to know and refreshing to hear.  

Interesting re latest Chrome browser issues too.  Is there a way we can keep up to date with this sort of information, as it will be useful to monitor for when we see spikes with user issues etc?  Interestingly, I think we may have cured it by requesting that the user force Chrome to allow Flash (despite it being published in HTML5 too?!).

We're using Storyline 360


Thanks Phil.  It would be great if they could have some sort of "alert" about updates known to be causing issues.  We're a really small team so when we get an issue, it's like finding a needle in a hay stack and we're fairly novice users of both Storyline and Moodle too.

One thing we have been looking for, is a Moodle / SCORM expert... expert being the key - to help us address our SCORM / Moodle issue and achieve the 95+% reliability.  Can you suggest anywhere for this? :)

Phil Mayor

I like the idea of that. May be worth putting in a feature request. They do already have Articulate Status alerts you can subscribe to:

This is great if something is not work.

You can look on this forum for any help. I was a Moodle Admin in a previous life, so happy to help out if you need someone, I am sure I have worked through most Moodle and Articulate compatibility issues.