SCORM Files - Number of concurrent users?

Feb 08, 2016

We recently ran some SCORM quizzes built in Storyline 2 and had some issues running them with a large number of users in Sakai. We published the packages using SCORM 2004 3rd Edition.

The scores for the packages were all over the place for a number of students. We are assuming it was the number of connections to the LMS that was affecting the scoring but I have been wondering if there is some sort of data limit set for the SCORM package itself that might alter the reporting of results if too many users are accessing the same package.

What was happening was that students were selecting the right answers but Articulate was marking them as incorrect. This doesn't happen if I, or someone else, tests them in the student role, but the package was definitely performing very weirdly under load.

Is there anything else, other than network overload, either in the story or the SCORM package that might account for this?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Fiona -- So sorry to hear of your troubles! May I ask if you were able to do some testing in the SCORM Cloud to see if the same behavior was experienced in that environment? You may also find this article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud to be of some assistance, as well. 

Please let us know if issues persist, and it may also be advisable to reach out to your LMS provider for their input, as well. 

Fiona MacAlister

Thanks Christie. Our weird problems persist.

We uploaded all the test pages to SCORM Cloud but only got the parsing error "The Sequencing Control Mode 'Flow' was detected on a leaf node, but is only applicable to cluster nodes", which is a known error that shouldn't have any bearing on the content. All three packages launched and scored correctly in SCORM Cloud. I think it is therefore safe to assume that the problem is not with the Articulate packages themselves.

I did the test from home on my LTE connection last night, using Firefox (which is the standard browser I have been using for testing) and the results were all over the place. The same SCORM package was uploaded to five separate Sakai course sites, with no changes having been made since publication. Two of the packages scored hotspots incorrectly  in a particular part of the test. Another two tests also gave hotspot problems but in a completely different section, whilst scoring the previous problematic section correctly. Two of the packages didn't pass the scores to the Gradebook. One test reflected a 56% mark and then, after going through the review of the quiz, it reflected 80%. It is definitely the hotspots that are the root of the problem, but exactly why they are giving problems on one connection/computer and not on another, or in SCORM Cloud is not clear.

If I do these tests at work, on both Firefox and Chrome, they work perfectly. The students are doing the tests in our computer labs, which are essentially on the same intranet, but the tests are going haywire in all of those labs too. It's just bizarre. A network issue might explain the problem, to some extent, but I'm having the same problem at home as the students are having in the labs, yet one is an external connection and the other internal. And everything checks out on my own internal connection. It just doesn't make any sense.

I found this Articulate post yesterday which details a number of things that could be contributing to problems with SCORM packages. The possibilities seem almost endless, with a fairly large number of variables involved. It will definitely take some time to lock this problem down.


Ron Yeshaya

Thanks Fiona and Christie,

unfortunately, as I see it, nothing has changed and still no reasonable solution exists for scorm updating to sakai.

I have been looking at how to integrate articulate 2 authored quizzes with our Sakai LMS and have found that without Scormcloud or other paid LRS, it's just not happening. I checked out the scorm players of other open source contributors and found nothing that would work. The closest player to a real solution is google with their educators app ((still at least a year away from being a real solution due to their lack of any gradebook standard functionality)). And all of this lack of a couple of drivers being put together has led to niche providers like scormcloud who have spent the few dollars to build the driver and by making so proprietary, have captured a market that is held hostage to using their services or finding a better made LMS than Sakai.

I would very much like to hear how storyline2 can finally do something as seemingly easy as reporting to sakai gradebook while playing from within sakai's scorm player. I already understand that articulate licenses the scormcloud scorm driver and uses this in their service as their scorm solution... this service along with not using scormcloud is probably the reason my articulate quiz does not update directly to sakai gradebook.

I also already understand that this is mostly the fault of the sakai open source developers community and not articulate but couldn't you guys put your big brains together and figure this one out, does it really need it's own learning records store? why can't it just shove those reports into the sakai gradebook database? it seems like technology from the 90s, doesn't it? Or maybe a collaborative monopoly being formed by scormcloud and every service provider that is willing to  push their clients to pay scormcloud  (an outragious astronomical fee) for these simple reports to update correctly.

I have been using articulate 2 much less over the past six months since not finding anyway for scorm to update without an added cost for an un-needed learning records store like scormcloud

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I'm not familiar with Gradebook and this thread is a bit dated. You are certainly welcome to reach out to the user directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back soon.

Are you able to replicate the behavior you are having with the score reporting in an environment like SCORM Cloud or is this issue limited to the LMS you are using?

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