SCORM - How many graded quizzes can you have in one published SCORM package?

I'm tasked with building a SCORM-based prototype of an existing Moodle course which is divided into five lessons.

Each lesson has multiple quizzes plus a cumulative exam for each lesson.

There is also a global final exam drawn from the question pools which are the sources of the quizzes and cumulative exams.

Can this be published as one SCORM package? Or do I have to divide it into multiple packages? This is my first foray into SCORM.

Thanks for any enlightenment.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Robert,

You can use multiple result slides in a Storyline 360 course and even combine them for a composite score. This user guide covers how you can add a results slide:

If each lesson has multiple quizzes as well as a cumulative exam, keep in mind you'd have to create a results slide for each quiz, as well as a results slide for the cumulative exam, then add a final results slide to track all the results slides into a single score.

I'd keep the global final exam separate if you wished to track the score individually. Hopefully the community can chime in and offer their expertise!