Scorm loading times are very slow

Hello, I need your help.
I have recorded some screens to create a simulator in Storyline 360.
I have made the edits and exported to upload it to the LMS (moodle), the problem is that the loading times are very slow between screen and screen.
File size is less than 4MB.
What could be happening?
I have loaded several courses before and they do not present this problem.

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Miguel,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are seeing! 

To confirm, is this the slow loading times happening when you publish your course to Moodle? If so, have you been able to test your course in SCORM Cloud to see if the same behavior is taking place? You may find these troubleshooting tips helpful as well: Troubleshooting LMS Issues

I also found this forum which I think might help as well: Slow loading time Articulate Storyline SCORM file in Moodle.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! I am happy to help!