Scorm not updating Moodle gradebooks - Is there a non verbose option

Dec 07, 2014


When publishing to Scorm, is there a way of sending less Scorm information or all the information at the end with Articulate products ? 

Why ?

There was a problem in MOODLE that Scorm information,was not updating the grade book and other information especially if there was an intermittently poor connection. e.g

I have looked through some other product's forums and they do not seem to have this issue. Those products do have an option for grades only/non verbose/transmit at the the end of the course only.

 In Moodle version 2.7,  a change was done to monitor internet connection for Scorm packages to fix this and report to the user that there was a server issue. Currently the settings on the scorm player plugin every 5000ms to see if the delay is more than 2000 ms. The solution of checking the approximate latency of the connection has caused me and others some issues and we are looking at changing it, but I am concerned that it may cause issues with Articulate users using Moodle

Any help would be appreciated.

regards Paul



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

There isn't an option within Storyline to decrease the amount of data sent or when it's sent - but it  may be something another user has been able to modify within the published output files so I'll defer to the community on that. 

Based on the thread you shared on the Moodle site, I see that Dan (who is a regular contributor here as well) is aware of your thoughts, so hopefully he'll see this thread as well in case others have suggestions or ideas. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

There are some threads linked here that discuss when the scorm data in regards to completion is submitted to an LMS that may help you. If you'd also like to see when data is being communicated to your LMS and what is being communicated you could turn on the LMS debug mode as described here, although I wouldn't recommend using that version for your users . 

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