Scorm package not including resources

This is a new problem for me. I am using Storyline 2 and when I publish to Scorm 1.2 and upload to my LMS my resources are not there. It is as though one of the folders (containing the resources) never got packaged. I found someone else asking about it on a blog and there was not an answer. Does anyone have an answer to why this is not working? It appears that 'external files' are not getting packaged.

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Gregg Wanciak

Same thing happened to me. When I published to SCORM, the resource file I had attached was not there. Non-SCORM publish worked.

Published again and this time it seemed to work. Intermittent bug, apparently. One will have to go into the SCORM package, into the story_content folder, into the external_files folder, and make sure the resource(s) are added.