SCORM packages working for Admin but not Students

Hello E-learning Heroes,

I have a big problem with SCORM packages not running properly in our Moodle 2.6 platform.  They are only loading properly for admin users not students.

I made the SCORM packages using Storyline and up until 2 weeks ago they were working fine.  Nothing has changed on the Moodle site, or with the SCORM packages, but now, if a student tries to view the SCORM package, a pop-up window will open and display the header, but no content loads in the middle of the window.

Has anyone else come across this?

Best wishes




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Dan Marsden

I'd try elevating your debugging settings and turn display errors on to see if any further errors are shown when you load the page that was previously blank.

make sure you turn it off again after getting the error messages.

If there are no error messages I'd try switching site themes to see if that makes any difference or using a browser debugging tool to see if any JavaScript errors are being reported.

Leah Davies

Thanks Dan. I'm  a bit out of my depth to be honest, so this might be a stupid question, but I just want to make sure I'm trying the right thing...

I turned debugging on (as per the moodle guide) but am I right in thinking I wouldn't be able to see any debugging information when I'm logged in with a normal student profile?  (which is the only time the SCORMS start behaving oddly). Or am I just looking in the wrong places?

Dan Marsden

When you turn debugging on and elevate the debugging level it will display for all users unless someone has modified your Moodle config.php file directly and added the parameter "debugusers" which allows you to set the debugging on for certain users but this is unlikely.

If there is no change with debugging elevated to "developer" and display errors "on" but a blank screen still shows then it means it hasn't found any other error information and you should turn it back off. (leaving debugging on when it isn't needed is usually a bad idea)

If you can't diagnose it further yourself you could contact your local Moodle Partner who should be able to provide commercial level support to help you track the problems down.

Leah Davies

I can't see any errors unfortunately (even after following your advice, e.g. developer mode etc...), how would I go about locating my local Moodle partner?  I could really do with someone who knows what they're doing (as opposed to me) taking a look at the whole Moodle, to be honest...