SCORM Problem!!!! URGENT!

According to the company that manages our LMS, there is an issue with the settings of the SCORM file.  There is a “rule” that must be met in order for the user to get 100% completion.

We need to make sure we change that rule or setting so our users get 100% completion.


Out of 12, only 2 sales reps have been able to get a 100% complete on the modules.  The other 10, and actually other people as well, have gone into the module, visualized every slide, answered all the questions (not all correct) and completed the module.

After all that it tells them they are not at 100% so the LMN does not allow them to access the post-module evaluation.  We are in the middle of the launch plan and it is imperative to have the results of the evaluations.


Please help.

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