SCORM reliance on JAVA

Hi All,

As some of you may or may not know Google will be removing the Java functionality from their Chrome browser later on this year and have already by default started disabling Java in the current browsers.

As someone who doesn't fully understand the programming side of things my question is, how much, if at all are SCORM packages (1.2 & 2004) published in Storyline 1 reliant on using Javascript to communicate etc with the LMS?   (We use Moodle) And if they do use Java, with this being disabled in Chrome (and IE not being a long term solution) which other format of packaging would be the next best thing?




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Desire, 

Have you reached out to Moodle in regards to this issue? I know that Java isn't one of the elements within our viewing requirements, but each LMS is a bit different in terms of how they handle that. 

Please feel free to keep us posted here and share any updates as I know other community members utilize Java. 

Jackson Hamner

Is there an article or something you could point me to? I'd like to read more about this.

One question I have is, are they disabling Java or Javascript later this year.? They may sound similar, but they are actually pretty unrelated programming languages, and used for very different things. If it is just Java being disabled, then (depending on your LMS setup) you will probably not see many issues with this. If Javascript functionality is being disabled, that could cause more serious problems with SCORM on other online functions in general.


Dan Marsden

They are removing support for "JAVA" - not "JavaScript" which are 2 separate things with a similar name. Moodle doesn't contain any "Java" code (thank goodness!) - couple of related posts here:

and more detailed tech info from Google here: