SCORM reportage and Storyline Best Practices

Hello all,

I work in the high Ed sector and had some concerns about SCORM reportage. We had a discussion with the SCORM vendor and many of our concerns were directed to how it's built inside the authoring tool, in this case Storyline. 

Our issues, to name a few, were how to name the interaction IDs, how to use the learning objectives in SCORM, reporting text entry, MC questions with multiple attempts seeing a report on what choices were chosen on first attempt second attempt etc.

Is there any best practice documentation that will lead us to maximizing SCORM and Storyline?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James, 

Articulate Storyline is SCORM conformant, supporting SCORM 1.2 through SCORM 2004 4th Edition as well as Tin Can API, often referred to as the next generation of SCORM.

These resources may also be helpful for you: 

Also, we don't have a listing of best practices as it will vary based on SCORM version, LMS and what items you've included in your course. If you do run into an issue, I'd suggest starting with the troubleshooting tips here to narrow down where the issue is (Storyline, LMS, etc.). 

I hope others in the community who have implemented SCORM Content can share their experience and expertise with you here.