SCORM - Safari - Garbled voice


I recently submitted a story file for uploading to a LMS.

When this was opened on an iPad, it opened in Safari and the voice was very garbled.

When I opened the same story (web published) it opened in the Articulate App and the sound was fine.

The argument from the LMS people is that they think it is a stereo / mono conflict as the iPad has a single speaker. I doubt this because it works fine when I test a web published version.

I only build the courses and publish them, all the correct boxes when publishing have been ticked to ensure compatibility.

Has anyone experienced this and found a solution?

Many thanks in advance, Tim.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tim,

You mentioned testing a web published version - did you test that on the iPad in Mobile safari as well? If so, it sounds like something may be happening on the side of the LMS. I know that mobile Safari has some inherent limitations with HTML5 content, especially audio - but I haven't heard anything about it being garbled. 

Could you share the .story file with our Support team so that they could determine if it's something else we need to be aware of in mobile Safari. 

Tim Naylor

Hi Ashley,

I have not tried through Safari on the iPad, as it always defaults to the app when I open a web version regardless of the location, on the website or through dropbox etc.

If you have a suggestion on how I can do this then I would of course try it out for you.

However I am still waiting for the LMS team to get back to me, but I do suspect that is where the issues may lay. I will get the .story file uploaded for you tomorrow.

Many thanks :o)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the clarification - I didn't understand that you were always viewing it within the iPad app, but you did mention someone opening it in Safari, so I assume it was the LMS team?

Tim Naylor said:

When this was opened on an iPad, it opened in Safari and the voice was very garbled.

The default opening will be for the iPad app if you set the publish to include the Articulate Mobile Player, even if you didn't have the app already it would prompt you to download it. When you're able to share the file, we'll republish it without that option enabled and see if we're able to get the same garbled audio. If you want to hold off on sharing it with our team until you hear from your LMS team, no worries! We'll be here when you're ready.